Hello, I'm Aneta Stojanowska an UX/UI designer living in the Netherlands.

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UX/UI Design

I design digital applications for companies with complex products. By creating fast, simple, and user-friendly products, I ensure that customers use them more effectively and extensively. My goal is to simplify complexity and collaborate optimally, aligning technology, design, and business objectives.

Mobile & web design

As an individual, I value collaboration and utilize my problem-solving abilities to provide intuitive interfaces. I am result-oriented. I work with Figma and AI tools and have knowledge and experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks, among others.

Contact: If you want to prioritize the user and make a real impact with an optimized web application, please feel free to contact me.

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UWV: Transforming overwhelming homepage into an efficient SaaS-solution.

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Mobile-first and intuitive SaaS platform in responsive web design. Helping unemployed people financially on conditions ensuring they seek work.

Skills performed: Interaction design, Graphic design, Platform development, modern tools, Goal conversion, UX.

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Aegon: Streamlining frustrated pension process and enhancing accessibility.

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Improving purchase process of a complex users’ pension tool. The goal is to simply, quickly, and conveniently calculate your pension, where users can request quotes, take knowledge tests, and access information.

Skills performed: Interaction design, Goal conversion, Graphic design, UX, Shareholders management.

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Govin: Simplifying complex onboarding process to make it Intuitive and user-friendly.

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An intuitive and efficient investment platform for ESG investors (SaaS) that help shareholders view reporting dashboards about onboarding process, workflows, and management boards.

Skills performed: Shareholders management, design system, visual design, branding, motion design, data visualisation.

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Strives to work in teams with other experts and simplify complexity through fast, simple, and user-friendly digital products to customer or user. Let’s do something amazing.