Aegon: Streamlining frustrated pension process and enhancing accessibility.


The pension purchase process was difficult for users, leading to insecurity and a lack of desired information. Opportunities for improvement were identified through UX research for better alignment with user needs.

Platform: Web Design & Mobile App.

Aegon problem

Role played

As the sole designer, I collaborated remotely using FigJam whiteboard for Design thinking sessions with various stakeholders. My advisory role involved addressing design decisions in weekly guild meetings and engaging with stakeholders to meet their expectations.

Skills performed: Shareholders management, design system, sketching, visual design, accessibility, wireframing, prototyping, motion design, data visualization, agile.

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Educating and preparing users about the pension purchase process through wireframing, testing, and iteration proved effective. Incorporating design theory elements like typography, colors, and grid, along with interactive guidelines and explanatory text, enhanced user understanding. Micro-interactions and motion design provided direct feedback and reduced errors.

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Interviews revealed users' interest in knowing their monthly pension amount, but the trigger button "Bereken uw pension" was unclear. Site maps helped identify missed opportunities, particularly on the Offer page, which lacked clear information about the pension amount per month, leading to user disappointment.

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Confusion arose from the label "Pensioen kopen," which differed from the previous page's "Bereken uw pensioen." Users perceived their pension as a saved amount to be paid out, not something to be purchased. The term "Purchasing" was misleading and needed improvement.


An interactive homepage with animated navigation items provided a clear overview and expectations of the purchase process. Self-explanatory tooltips added value to users. The offer page became clean, scannable, and well-understood, presenting users with a comprehensive view of their financial situation.

Lessons learned

Effective communication and collaboration with UX Designers from other departments ensured a consistent user experience within the pension products ecosystem. Regular design system meetings facilitated quick responses to business questions, easy deployment, and rapid prototyping of complex interactions using variant components.