UWV: Transforming overwhelming homepage into an efficient SaaS-solution.


The dole request got negative reviews because users were frustrated with the digital services on the website visited by almost million visitors daily. Based on the content of the reviews, I hypothesized that users were overwhelmed by the content and the website’s cluttered appearance.

Platform: Web Design & Mobile App Design.

UWV problem

Role played

I was the sole UX/UI Designer whose job was to continuously bring value to our users. This involved collaborating closely with them while implementing design activities in order to solve the right problems in the right way. I was taking care of usability aspects during the iterative process while designing and testing the various results with users.

Skills performed: Design thinking, (User)research, sketches, user flows, site maps, lo fi & high-fidelity wireframes, responsive design.

UWV user flow


By translating user flows into low and high fidelity wireframes and applying design task at hand I could see the context of how people apply for the dole. The prototypes showed how to accomplish the main tasks in an easy to understand way. Users were able to go from A to B in order of importance, using a format that is visually intuitive to follow without being distracted by other action options.

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Interviews and information architecture analyses showed that users were not aware of where to start when applying for the dole or notifying changes in their living situation. I decided to adjust the design of the main task so that it is more prominent on the homepage.

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During the Launch phase, I went through several origin design that ultimately did not completely satisfy the majority of elderly users. In menu design, it featured tasks that were split across multiple screens, but it caused frustration because it required the user to remember their previous actions.

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The prototype’s of focus was on how the process should direct the user and lead them through the layers to complete the action. By separating primary from secondary actions, the prototype provides a clear starting point on the homepage and users are not overwhelmed with extraneous content.

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Lessons learned

Because of this project, I realized the importance of prototype testing in design system for exploring new design concepts. Having foundation, components and recipes together in design system made me test new designs quickly to make sure they were viable solutions for users who use digital technology differently.

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