Govin: Simplifying complex onboarding process to make it Intuitive and user-friendly.


I identified the key challenges faced by management boards in streamlining onboarding process, such as inefficient processes, lack of transparency, or difficulty in tracking compliance.

Platform: Web Design & Mobile App Design.

Role played

While working on the onboarding process, I also created a comprehensive design system to ensure visual and design consistency throughout Govin. The document establishes the branding elements, visual identity, typography, layout principles, UI components, visual assets, accessibility considerations, and design patterns. It serves as a reference for maintaining a cohesive and intuitive user experience while aligning designers, developers, and stakeholders.

Skills performed: Design system, sketches, user flows, site maps, prototypes & low & high-fidelity wireframes, design thinking.

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I defined the goals and objectives of Govin, focusing on features and functionalities that helped management boards streamline their onboarding processeeffectively. This included features like document management, compliance tracking, meeting scheduling, collaboration tools, and reporting capabilities.

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I conducted user research to gain valuable insights into the needs, pain points, and behaviors of management board members and other stakeholders involved in onboarding process. Through interviews, surveys, and usability testing, I gathered qualitative and quantitative data to inform the design process.

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I addressed the specific design challenges within the governance domain, such as handling sensitive data securely, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and designing for diverse user roles and permissions.


I evaluated the impact of Govin on onboarding process by gathering feedback from management board members and other users. I measured key performance indicators such as efficiency gains, time savings, improved compliance, and user satisfaction to assess the success of the platform.

Lessons learned

Throughout the process, I reflected on the design and development journey, identifying successes and areas for improvement. I documented lessons learned to inform future iterations and enhancements of Govin, ensuring continuous improvement and an even better user experience.